In full self destruct mode

20 Jul

It appears this mini breakdown isn’t so mini.
I’m on full self destruct

S.O.S – What To Do During My Next Suicide Attempt?

8 Jul

Originally posted on Phoenix - The Rebirth of My Life:

July 7th, 2014  11:41 AM

The first thought you may have is something of the following, “what do you mean by NEXT attempt I thought you have  NO reason to make another attempt…” Let’s be frank or let me be frank with you, I cannot predict the future or foresee my next step or action let alone the day I wake up and feel completely not like myself. I cannot promise myself to not make another attempt but I can pledge to live my life to the fullest. And I am doing this everyday. So why am I writing this post? To be the voice for the ones who are currently struggling with thoughts of suicide and cannot speak up about it; I want to open the door and provide the warning signs for a friend/loved one to look out for. But at the end of the day this is…

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